Our Mission

Therapy has the power to change lives. Unfortunately, nearly half of those with a diagnosable mental health condition never seek therapy — in large part because they don’t know where to go.

On the flip side, therapists require a steady stream of clients to maintain their private practices. But most therapists struggle with the technical side of building websites, preferring to deal with psychology, not technology.

That’s where Kindpages come in. We provide therapists with custom websites powered by results-driven marketing, connecting therapists with prospective clients so that everybody wins.

Core Services


Content that speaks to your ideal clients and promotes consultations.


Gorgeous custom websites that you and your clients will love.


Hassle-free web hosting, maintenance, and unlimited site updates.


Powerful search engine optimization for easy discoverability.

Austin Carroll
Austin Carroll · Owner

The History of Kindpages

Hey there! I’m Austin Carroll, the founder of Kindpages. In this section, I want to touch on my backstory and talk about how Kindpages came to exist.

Like many of us, I struggled a lot in my early 20s. Childhood wasn’t great (bullying was a big issue for me), and I didn’t have many role models to turn to for support or inspiration.

It wasn’t until I finally entered therapy that things began to click into place. For the first time in my life, I had someone who listened to me without judgment — someone who took time to teach me the strategies and life lessons necessary for not only surviving, but thriving. Finally, everything felt as it should be.

That profound experience, combined with my background in web design and digital marketing, led to the creation of Kindpages. Like therapy, I view Kindpages as a net positive impact on the world. I get to help therapists continue to do their important work, and I get to help others like me find their own heroes.

Kindpages exists because therapists like you exist. Thank you for the important work you do. It would be a privilege to build out your website and manage your marketing campaigns, so that you can continue to pour your energy into what you’re so exceptionally good at.

I would love to talk with you soon.


Austin Carroll